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About Storm Water Basin Vegetation Burns


The City of Verona Storm Water Utility has scheduled vegetation burns for seven storm water basins during the spring of 2021. Marty Cieslik, construction manager of Verona's Public Works Department, will describe why these burns are scheduled, approximate timing of the burns, and what to expect during the burns in this video recording.


Lincoln Street Storm Water Facility


Located near City Hall, the Lincoln Street Storm Water Facility will be constructed in 2021. In this video Marty Cieslik covers how the basin will provide storm water treatment for a significant portion of the older part of Verona, which was built before storm water management was identified as a need. He also covers how the basin was awarded a major storm water quality grant from Dane County to help pay for the construction costs.


Storm Water Pond Treatment


Three ponds in Verona will be treated with flocculant during the spring of 2021 as part of the City of Verona's Storm Water Utility plan. In this video, Cieslik explains why these ponds--Silent Street Pond, Meister Addition West Pond, and the American Way Pond--were chosen for treatment, the anticipated effectiveness of the treatment, and the projected schedule for the project.

A flocculant is a chemical added to water to cause smaller particles to combine and form larger particles that will settle to the bottom of the pond. This type of treatment has been used in the wastewater industry and on lakes in various parts of the country to improve water quality.


Verona Storm Water Quality


The City of Verona invested time and effort to collect water quality data from eight storm water ponds in the City. The sampling effort was not required by regulations; rather it was undertaken to provide information for future planning and to understand the effectiveness of a few maintenance strategies. Marty Cieslik, construction manager for the City of Verona Public Works Department, will summarize the information gathered and layout plans for future water quality monitoring.